Brief Profile

Innovative and Creative Designs knitted on high speed state-of-the-art knitting technology.


Based in Thailand, Femina’s core business is the production of knitted laces for intimate apparel and specialized laces for pret-a-porter.

Femina currently collaborates with leading international brands and retailers in the Europe, USA and Asia Pacific Region. Our close partnerships with our clients help us understand the needs of the consumer enabling us to design innovative and creative designs.

As a vertically integrated company, Femina carries through the entire lace manufacturing process from design to production through to dyeing and finishing of the final lace fabric.

All laces are manufactured under strict environmental compliance standards and quality control guidelines

Our Laces

Our lace range is an eclectic fusion of classic and contemporary influences designed for different lifestyles and market segments, from young to sophisticated designs, moldable laces and shape wear illustrating different fashion trends.

All stretch laces use LYCRA known for its superior quality and performance. 

Creative Process

Femina Lace celebrates the art of making lace through continuing the age old traditions of lace creation with modern methods.


Experienced lace designers create authentic designs through their craftsmanship and expertise.

Laces are sketched by hand and then interpreted by the drafter who converts the lace idea into machine readable language.

Femina has a dedicated team of experienced designers in the UK, Europe and Asia who keep abreast of color and fashion trends around the world. In house R&D works closely with yarn suppliers for yarn developments to get a variety of textures and finishes.

The design team works closely with leading intimate apparel designers and product development teams. The close partnerships we have with our clients allows us to understand and interpret their ideas to create custom made laces specifically for their requirements.

Trend and Inspiration

We work on design and color concepts in advance of each season and the fashion collection is released two times a year featuring latest seasonal colors and designs.


Femina Lace Knitting

Femina has invested extensively in Karl Mayer’s state of the art machines and is currently one of the most modern lace producers in the world.

With production facilities in the vicinity of Bangkok, Femina is logistically well positioned to ship laces to production centres in Asia.

Femina has the latest generation of high speed lace machines in the JL, TL and ML series.

Only the most modern lace machines are operating in the factory in Bangkok. 

The new technology allows for more designing possibilities and lends itself to creating more complex and beautiful designs at various widths.

Today Femina has one of the most modern lace production facilities in the world with latest state of the art technology.

With modern machines and process organization, Femina Lace’s factory operates on the basis of maximum speed, productivity and efficient process sequences.

Femina Lace Dyeworks

All our knitted laces are dyed at Femina Lace Dyeworks. With its own dyehouse Femina is vertically set up and able to monitor the production and finishing of the laces under strict quality control guidelines. Only selected dyestuffs and the most modern machinery are used in the dyeing and finishing departments to give the high quality lace the finishing touches.

The dyeing laboratory and quality control laboratory ensure the performance properties of each batch of lace is consistent and meets the desired quality standards.

At Femina, we are committed to manufacturing quality products with minimum impact on the environment. All raw materials are carefully selected to ensure least impact on the environment. Waste generated are disposed as per Government regulations and water quality discharged is measured and evaluated based on an online COD (Chemical Oxygen Demand) which is checked every 30 minutes.

Femina Lace Dyeworks places particular emphasis on water treatment systems ensuring that the quality of water is safe before disposal to the natural environment.



ISO 9001

Laboratory Accreditation

Green Factory
Level 3 (Thailand)

Sales Network

Femina has a network of highly experienced sales team worldwide. Our sales  representatives have an in depth knowledge of their markets and carry our latest collection.

Femina has a large global customer base and exhibits successfully at International trade fairs, including the Interfiliere in Paris and at other trade fairs around the world.

If you would like to contact a sales person for your region please contact